lukas_galatian (lukas_galatian) wrote in night_sanctuary,

Man, there is nothing worse in this world than Dark-Hunters. Where the hell are you guys? This place is dead. Wait...that just leaves me and my kitty. Speaking of... How are you, kitty? Now that we're alone, we can finally cyber. I can tell by the tone of your typing that you want me. Underneath this tough exterior, baby, lies a kitten craving to be stroked. Purr...

Anyway, things have been going fairly okay. Kephan won't even let us venture into town anymore but I go anyway. He's just barking out orders now to be bossy. I want to tell him we're not wolves and we don't have an alpha. Bastard. Patty hissed at him today and I thought I'd die laughing. The look on his face was a mix between relieved and angry. He's just jealous because the two of us are closer than either one of us are to him. We both adore our sister but Patty talks to me more than she does to him. Sometimes I feel bad for him but then he acts like an ass and I remember why I hate him so. Why don't some of you pretty ladies out there come over here and keep me company?
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