lukas_galatian (lukas_galatian) wrote in night_sanctuary,

He was surprised by how nervous he felt about calling Madeline. Why was he nervous? What if she wasn't serious about him calling? Ah, let her laugh at him. He was curious about the sound of her voice anyway. If she wasn't serious, then he'll laugh off her rejection and go back to his life. No problem....

He left the den and changed into human form before he reached the town. Using a pay phone, he found out the number to the hotel she was staying at as well as her room number. Okay, that was easy. Shit, why were his palms sweaty? He wasn't use to interacting much with the human world, that's it, wasn't it? Of course, that's why he's nervous.

Before he changed his mind, he punched in the number to her room, shoved his free hand into his pocket, and took a deep breath as he listened to the rings.
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