Allegra "Kirby" Cole (wolfcalledkirby) wrote in night_sanctuary,
Allegra "Kirby" Cole

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Riding Into Town

Hi there, new wolf on the block.

    Name's Allegra, but everyone calls me Kirby. Once a nickname gets picked up by the pack, you can never shake it, trust me. Well, what to say about myself? I live in Santa Fe with my pack, run by my father. We own and run a motorcycle shop, doing restorations and repairs. I work there part time, since the other time I'm working on my own racing motorcycles. Most Saturday nights I'm down at the drag strip, racing for a good time. I also like to take road trips out into the desert to spend some time with Mother Nature. Nothing like the wild to clear the head.

    If I'm not out on road trips, I like to go out with my sisters to clubs and dance the night away. Now, if only we could shake our older brother we'd be in business. One always has to come with to keep us out of trouble. Apparently, if we go out on our own, some alpha wolf will corrupt us. Never mind that I'm old enough to know how to take care of myself and my sisters. Brothers are so annoying sometimes.

    I'm a mean poker player with a smart mouth and some bite to back up my bark. It's good to be wolf.
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