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Riding Into Town

Hi there, new wolf on the block.

    Name's Allegra, but everyone calls me Kirby. Once a nickname gets picked up by the pack, you can never shake it, trust me. Well, what to say about myself? I live in Santa Fe with my pack, run by my father. We own and run a motorcycle shop, doing restorations and repairs. I work there part time, since the other time I'm working on my own racing motorcycles. Most Saturday nights I'm down at the drag strip, racing for a good time. I also like to take road trips out into the desert to spend some time with Mother Nature. Nothing like the wild to clear the head.

    If I'm not out on road trips, I like to go out with my sisters to clubs and dance the night away. Now, if only we could shake our older brother we'd be in business. One always has to come with to keep us out of trouble. Apparently, if we go out on our own, some alpha wolf will corrupt us. Never mind that I'm old enough to know how to take care of myself and my sisters. Brothers are so annoying sometimes.

    I'm a mean poker player with a smart mouth and some bite to back up my bark. It's good to be wolf.
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Hey there Kirby. I'm Maddy. It's nice to meet you, I suppose. I don't think I've really met one of your kind before. Only an Arcardian wolf once when I was a little girl. Have you always lived in Santa Fe?
Not always. My pack's bounced around the Southwest for years. I've lived in Rio, Dallas, Tombstone, Phoenix and El Paso, to name a few. Santa Fe's just the most recent stop.
Hi Kirby. I'm Arien. I'm a Dark Hunter in Manhattan.

Good to know we've got some girls out there who know how to kick a little ass from time to time.
Hey, haven't met too many Dark Hunters, nice to meet ya.

Well, pack dynamics being what they are, I've got to be able to kick a little ass when I need to so I can keep my place.

If you know anything about Daimons, then you know how to kick ass. Though...there seems to be a shortage of them around this area right I've not had the chance to do some serious damage.
I've had to deal with Daimons once or twice. They usually leave my kind alone though. I don't know how the Santa Fe population stacks up, but the local Dark Hunter seems busy enough.
Funny...they usually stick to the Weres like glue...unless you don't have any powers other than the transformation.
We never travel anywhere alone, which usually keeps Diamons away. They could take one of us, but when there's five, they leave us alone. The few times I've been attacked, I was alone.
Good to know some of you are smarter than others. The pack here sticks to their section of New York, but I check in on them from time to time to see if they've seen any Daimons.
My Dad's a stickler for keeping the pack whole. He doesn't let us take stupid risks. Of course, it also means we don't get to do a lot of fun things.

The Dark Hunter out here visits once a month to talk with my Dad about how things are going.
Good to know my comrades in arms are doing their jobs where you guys are concerned.

It must suck being so protected by your brother and your father, but at least you have people who are concerned about you.
Yes, a pack is a great thing to have. You've always got family, if you don't mess around with the dynamics.

Still, being treating like a pup day after day gets old fast. I've got a perfectly good set of teeth, but no one seems to think I can use them.
I suppose that is a bit annoying.'s just me and my computer since I can't have much direct contact with any of the other Dark Hunters. Zoe keeps me entertained on most nights.

If you're ever over this way, let me know, we'll catch a show or hit a club or something.
Yes, it really is.

That's right, you drain each other's powers. What a bummer.

Oh man, New York would be so cool. And if you're ever in Santa Fe, look me up. I'll show you the best places for fun.
Yeah, it is a bummer, so we kind of keep to ourselves.

I'll do that if I'm ever over that way. I've been in New York so long that going anywhere else might be weird.
Maybe it's just because I'm a wolf, but I like to roam around. I can't image being stuck in one place for too long. Gotta roam.
Once I get used to somewhere, I like it.
I can't help it. I have to stay at home during the daylight, so what's the use in moving somewhere with good sights?
A good point. You could do night tours, though you're busy with hunting Daimons at night.
When I'm not busy I try to take in a show or a movie of some kind to pass the time. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Wicked.


10 years ago

Hey Kirby. Katagaria tiger here.

Name's Lukas. You're a biker chick then, huh? That sounds sexy.
Hey, Lukas. Nice to see another Katagaria around here.

Biker chick, mechanic, and dancing fool. This wolf does it all.
Sweet. I thought I was going to be the only one here. I love a gal with a wide range of talents. Maybe you can set me up with one of those bikes of yours.
It wouldn't be too hard. We do restorations and repairs though, don't actually fabricate our own motorcycles. Mostly we work on old Harley's and Indian cycles, though we have restored some old Ducatis and Yamahas. It would all depend on what you're looking for.