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things havce been going good. astrids been pretty stressed over the baby but ive been helping. actually theres been a few times where she i know shes tried to wrench him away from me because i hold him so much. i cant help it though. i cant believe that hes my son and how truely perfect he really is. he has so much of his mother in him and his father of course too. hes still so little. and yet hes gotten into so much trouble too. especially since hell be walking soon. thankfully thats not for another few months though. hes stil too small.

i still dont know what to think about it. astrid being pregnant was something ill never forget. or the birth for that matter. but especially now that things are settled. i dont even mind waking up three times a night. although hes been sleeping a lot better now and rarely wakes up. hes a really good boy and even though theyre astrids sisters i cant believe the fates gave me something fortunate.
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