Madeleine Garnier (xplayful_kittyx) wrote in night_sanctuary,
Madeleine Garnier

I had someone tell me at work a while ago that when I was away for the weekend, Jerry had gone to a bar nearby. I know one of the bartenders really well there, and because I frequent it, I know most of the other bartenders too. Jerry and I have both gone there for a while and they know us fairly well. Jerry's a big flirt, and although I hate it when he flirts with other women, I trust him. Apparently, that night wasn't any different. He had gone to the bathroom after a while, which is right next to the bar, and the girl waited for him after he got out. Then they left together in his car. There's so many reasons why that could be, so of course I asked him about it. He first told me that I was being paranoid when I asked what happened at the bar, and said that he hadn't been there. When I told him that everyone had recognized him, he got a look on his face and it was completely obvious that only one thing happened after they got into that fucking car. I didn't say anything to him and walked out. And the asshole had the nerve to try and call me as soon as I got into my car. I've completely ignored him these past couple of days at work. He hasn't tried coming into my room at all. He only tries to call that damn cell phone. I'm completely lost on what to do or think anymore.
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