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Madeleine pondered for a moment as she looked over the pictures in the bridal magazine laid out in front of her. She wouldn't believe that she had been engaged for three months, and still couldn't find a dress. She was leaning more and more towards her mother's recomendation, but she wouldn't. She wanted her own dress. One that she could pass onto her daughter. She smiled dreamily at the thought of children, only for it to be cut short as she wondered how much of her would be in them. She had decided not to tell Jerry about who she really was, and it had nothing to do with him or her being ashamed, but because of safety. She couldn't risk him getting hurt for what she really was. She had no doubt that Jerry would love her regardless, but she couldn't put his life in danger because of it. Besides, she was more than just that. And she would have kids. And she would be prepared for anything that happened. But for now, the wedding came first.

Frustrated that she couldn't find her ideal dress, simple and yet elegant, she tossed the magazine aside. Some of the wedding sites that she had signed up for a month or so ago would have those new dresses out. Or maybe she could just find a designer. Still, she hasn’t been able to find just what she wanted. And to her, the wedding had to be absolutely perfect, with everything that they wanted. Sure, she was in tune with reality enough to know that that wouldn’t always be, and that exceptions would have to be made, but when it came to her dress, there were no exceptions. The only thing she hadn’t wanted was the date and the location, but Jerry was so adamant on it, that she had given it. He wanted to get married in December and in some small town. She still wasn’t sure why he wanted it there; he never gave her a complete answer. But she would respect his wishes. It was his wedding too.

Habit taking over, she immediately went to check her email. Her eyes needed a break from images for just a couple of minutes, and she was expecting a reply back from a girlfriend.
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