lukas_galatian (lukas_galatian) wrote in night_sanctuary,

I'm getting worried about Patty. She's slipped into a deeper depression and she's barely acknowledging her cubs. Kephan and I are struggling to snap her out of it but it's not easy. Kephan keeps snapping at me and by doing so it's harder for me to help. He doesn't seem to understand that. I love my sister and I do want her to feel better. I know she doesn't need our older brother yelling at her. Out of the three of us I don't know why he turned out to be so demanding. This is the only chance I get to myself. I understand that is the role of the Alpha but he's more dominating that I would have imagined. Whenever I feel ready, I am definitely challenging him. If it wasn't for my sister, I would have left the pack already and started my own family. I already emailed my little kitty and told her what a big mistake she's making. Throwing her life away so soon to a human. How degrading. That's worse than committing one's self to a dark hunter....
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