lukas_galatian (lukas_galatian) wrote in night_sanctuary,

There's something strangely amusing with children. All children. Sometimes I wish I had their energy and fascination in pointless little things. A good example would be what happened today. It was a lazy afternoon and I was laying next to Patty. Denton, Fedora, and Markus were bouncing around bored. Kephan was out which explains why it was so quiet. A butterfly landed on me and before I could swat it away, Denton pounced on it. You know, despite being so small, their little claws and teeth hurt like hell. I smacked him with my tail, which he pounced on as well. Fedora and Markus then saw this as a sign of play and all three started a savage assault on my tail... which progressed to an outnumbered attack on me. Their playful growls were more humorous than angry. Ooo, I can't wait till they get older so I can play rough back. Those little runts are vicious. I would have stopped them but I caught Patty watching, so I didn't. I wonder if that means anything.
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