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night_sanctuary's Journal

Night Sanctuary
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This is a community for those interested in the Dark-Hunter novels and role playing. Members are strongly encouraged to post at any time about anything. Feel free to browse the site, but only members are allowed to post. Members can have as many characters as they like as long as they can keep up with them. If you decide to join, please fill out the application and post it along with a quick introduction. The application is the base of your character and allows other members to get a small background history.


1) Everyone is allowed to read, but only members are allowed to post. This keeps serious people in the flow and helps to prevent confusion.
2) Please be respectful!
3) Please stay in character. If you wish to make a comment outside of your character, please make it obvious that it is you, the author, speaking. I.E. put your words in brackets (such as this) or Yourname: I have a question, everyone.
4) Do not do/say things that will affect another member’s character unless you have their permission. (i.e., killing)
5) Do not suddenly introduce another character without an application.
6) Do not bash another author for their ideas and posts. This is fan-related.
7) To keep things simple, please write in normal-writing format as your character.

DO NOT: "::Jumps up from behind and screams:: Boo! *Laughs and points at them*"

DO: I scared the shit out of him today when I unexpectedly jumped out in front of him. It was hilarious.

8) Since this is a romance series, we, the moderators, are going to assume that the readers/those joined are of a mature-age in which they will not take offense over sexual/etc content, including swearing. Everything will be allowed and if this does offend anyone, please do not reply with any complaints. You are free to leave.
9) You may create your own character :)
10) We are here to have fun, so we’re not going to be anal about every little detail. Just remember to have a good time and respect others! :)

Interested? Please fill out an application before you post. You can find the application here! :)

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This is a fan-based community and is in no-way directly associated with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series. Characters and names pulled from the series are © the author and publisher.